About Us

The purpose of Trilingual Interpreters SIG of the Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (TSID) is to advocate for the needs and interests of TSID members who serve the Deaf community in facilitating communication with American Sign Language, English, and Spanish and to strengthen the ties between all members and officers of the TSID by open recognition of the trilingual and multi-cultural diversity of the TSID membership.

More specifically: 

  • To promote awareness of the needs of Trilingual interpreters 
  • To provide a forum for Trilingual interpreters 
  • To foster an understanding within the general membership of the unique experiences and contributions which Trilingual Interpreters bring to the field of Interpreting
  • To serve as a resource to the TSID Board, committees, and the membership on affecting Trilingual Interpreters and the Deaf community 
  • To recommend programs, activities, and policies to the membership, and TSID Board that serve the interests and meet the needs of Trilingual Interpreters
  • To provide a support group for Trilingual interpreters 
  • To encourage and promote career opportunity awareness for Trilingual interpreters

Board Bios

Trilingual SIG Chair

Ruth De Jesus

Hello my name is Ruth De Jesus. I am originally from the “Valley” (Rio Grande Valley, TX). Most of my family is from Mexico but I was born in Texas. Despite that, I identify as Mexican. I am a certified Trilingual Advanced interpreter. I have an Associate of Arts Language and Cultural Studies in Spanish; an Associate of Arts in English; and a Bachelor of Principles and Methods of language Education. I’ve worked in various types of settings such as VRS, medical, educational, and conference interpreting. I’ve presented trilingual workshops at TSID and TAHIT. I am the Region 4 representative for Mano a Mano Unidos and was voted the Trilingual SIG chair for 2020-2022. I hope to bring the trilingual community together, provide a safe space to talk about our needs, challenges, and goals, and provide resources and training opportunities.

Jessica Gamez

My name is Jessica “Jess” Gamez. I live in the DFW area. I am first generation Mexican-American. My sign language career started after realizing that despite my love for the Tech World and receiving an IT degree, I felt more fulfilled working more directly with people. I had already been immersed in the Deaf community a couple of years and was encouraged to become a Sign Language Interpreter. I joined my local ITP and graduated in 2012. After graduation I continued mentoring and was able to continue challenging myself. Thanks to this I have had the privilege to interpret in variety of settings, including Trilingual settings. I became BEI certified in 2013 and Trilingual Advanced certified in September of last year (2019). I was newly appointed as secretary for my local TSID Chapter, NCTID. I am super happy to be able to serve on the Trilingual SIG Board. I hope that I am able to continue promoting growth within our profession.

Trilingual SIG Co-Chair
Trilingual SIG Secretary

Krystal Ayala Alvarado

My name is Krystal Ayala Alvarado; born and raised in Puerto Rico. I started my beautiful journey at Austin Community College where I earned my ASL Certificate. I’m currently living in San Antonio, TX and attending the ITP at San Antonio College. My goal is to become a trilingual Interpreter, but for now I’m working toward the basic BEI certificate. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Secretary in the Trilingual SIG and work along-side the other member. I look forward to seeing the Trilingual Interpreter community become more united and create more learning opportunities for us all.

Socorro Baggerman

Hello my name is Socorro Baggerman. Born and raised in Cd. Juarez. studied till 3rd year of Secundaria equivalente to 9th grade in the USA. Moved to El Paso, TX and completed high school. Learned ASL through my little deaf brother. My whole family moved to Amarillo, TX and my brother and I would attend deaf church and learn more ASL. I have been a trilingual interpreter since my baby brother was 5 yrs old. I obtained my BEI certificate in 06/1984. I started working for the TRC/DARS 06/1989 as an assistant to the VR Counselor but was the office trilingual interpreter till I retired on 10/2016. Started working for Sorenson 06/2009 as trilingual till now. I have an associates degree in Social Work obtained in 2007.

Trilingual SIG Fundraising Committee Leader
Trilingual SIG Professional Development Committee Leader

Mónica Gallego

Mónica Gallego is a community organizer and language justice advocate who also has her Trilingual BEI Advanced. She’s is a Queer Colombian New Yorker who had the good fortune to live in Austin for many years. She now lives and works in Washington DC with her partner Najma, and their geckos Celia and La Lupe. She aspires to bring an intentional and intersectional lens to all her work. She looks forward to collaborating and connecting with interpreting colleagues to bring about workshops that inspire brave conversations.

Juan Bernal Mondragon

Juan Bernal Mondragon is a native signer and has excessive knowledge in American Sign Language. He has three beautiful Deaf children and one Deaf grandson. Juan is the winner of the Deaf Illinois Award 2013 and the current holder of the Best Deaf Activist title. Juan modeled and mentored ASL for several different Deaf Outreach videos for various hospitals. He holds an ASL Mentor certification and has worked as a Deaf Interpreter for the last 20 years. Juan also works as a LSM Deaf Interpreter.

Trilingual SIG Deaf Committee Leader